Filo pastry mushroom pie


Creamy garlicky mushroom pie, with chorizo and pine nut. So easy and quick to do and very tasty!


Home made sausage rolls


I had some pre rolled puff pastry left, so I made some sausage roll.
Quick tip: it its easier if you remove the sausage skin.

I rolled the sausage in the pastry, washed it with a beaten egg. I sprinkled some sesame seeds.

It goes in the oven for 25min at 200 degrees.

I made a simple salad composed of watercress, sweet corn and cucumber for accompaniment.

Very summery!

Is there a minimum age to start a diet?

Dieting to early banner

I was on a diet ever since I can remember. My weight has always been an issue, and I’ve been fighting it forever.

I remember one school term where my mum, my sister and I went on a diet for the whole two weeks. The Scarsdale diet.

At the end of the two weeks, one of my classmate knocked at my door. When I opened, she gasped: “oh I didn’t recognise you, I thought it was your sister!” What a great feeling!

After one month, I’d obviously put the weight back on.

And the diet cycle would start again. I lose, I gain. And I sadly still haven’t managed to break it.

Today,  I came across a blog, in which I recognised a lot of situations. This lady started dieting aged 12, hated her body. Many years after, there she is: she’s learned self-acceptance. Very inspiring.

Read her blog here.

Express dinner

Gnocchi, spinach and salami

Express dinners don’t have to be boring!

Today, I came back from work, went for a run, went food shopping, and suddenly it was 9pm!

Way too late for a roast dinner, so here is what I made:

step 1: I boiled salted water (and oil), and cooked the gnocchi (fresh ones only take 2 min to cook). Once cooked, drain it.

step 2: in the same pan, I shredded slices of salami (who needs a knife?) and wilted some spinach. I returned the gnocchi and mixed it all so the gnocchi can get the flavour of the salami.

step 3: plate it, add a bit of raw spinach, pine nuts and grated cheese and voila! 5 min later, you have a nice dinner.

Bon appetit!

Chinese-y soup



Success! My freestyle chinese soup worked out well!
Step 1: I cooked sausages in a but of water. Once cooked, remove off the pan
Step 2: add to the pan water, vegetable stock, light soy sauce, a splash of oyster sauce, thin slices of radishes. Add fine noodles in the water. Also add some finely sliced chilli. At the end, as some sliced gem lettuce and a dash of sesame oil.
Et voila!