Listen to your body – challenge

Listen to your body challenge - banner

You should eat three meals and two snacks a day“, “you should always have breakfast“, “you should stop eating sugar after 5pm“…

Everybody always has an opinion on what and when to eat.

But what about listening to our body?

After all, the body knows what it needs to survive – if it needs iron, then we get chocolate cravings.

So this week, I gave myself the Listen to your body challenge.

It consists of NO RESTRICTION, as long as the body really wants it.


Well… mixed result, really. I am good all day, but comes the evening, and I stop listening… I’ve got an excuse though: this week was particularly tough at work and I am under lots of pressure. Is that a good excuse? Maybe not. I think I need to learn to control my appetite after work.


I’ll definitely go back to this challenge. I first need to tackle my evening cravings.


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