Express dinner

Gnocchi, spinach and salami

Express dinners don’t have to be boring!

Today, I came back from work, went for a run, went food shopping, and suddenly it was 9pm!

Way too late for a roast dinner, so here is what I made:

step 1: I boiled salted water (and oil), and cooked the gnocchi (fresh ones only take 2 min to cook). Once cooked, drain it.

step 2: in the same pan, I shredded slices of salami (who needs a knife?) and wilted some spinach. I returned the gnocchi and mixed it all so the gnocchi can get the flavour of the salami.

step 3: plate it, add a bit of raw spinach, pine nuts and grated cheese and voila! 5 min later, you have a nice dinner.

Bon appetit!


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